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Zenfone Battery & Ram management Tips

Today I have something more Important for you guys.. Its about The Zenfone's battery and RAM management.. Its important to Manage your battery an RAM to get More Battery power and make the mobile smoother.. Well today i will Give few points to follow in order to Get a Good Battery life and a Fastest Mobile performance...
So Lets get started...

  1. . Always Try to boost Your RAM in Quick settings, It will help you to clear Unnecessary Background App uses and make your mobile faster
  2.  Install Apps when you need them and then delete if you are no longer using them.
  3. Only keep those apps which you use too often..
  4. Use Other Browsers not chrome.. Chrome uses more battery and performance for the better outlook of a Website you visit.. You can use UC browser or Opera mini to save battery, ram and your Data pack.
  5. Do not use Live Wallpapers or any Animated things on Your home screen as well as lock screen because they take our ur memory as well as RAM..
  6.  Do not install apps like CC cleaner or any battery booted apps because they do nothing and take memory and battery too..
  7. There are some apps which i strongly recommend for you

    * Greenify Hibernation
    * Titanium Backup
These are the steps to make your mobile faster and to get more battery backup... 
I hope guys you found this tutorial helpful.. If you know any other way to manager battery or ram then just drop your comment down and i will add them in this post and mention your name....

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