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Band Locking On Relaince JIO sim

Band Locking on Asus Zenfone 2 Laser Ze550KL. This Method will Pull Highspeed Internet in Every where...

Today we will learn about a new app that will help you to connect to a High speed Internet everywhere possible,,
In Order to Understand the APP uses P

The AAP based Knowledge:

Every Generation Signals IE: 2g,3g,4g Have some Channel or Frequency through which they cover the Network Range Area.. The characteristicts of signals or challels are like a way of transfering the deta.. The More the frequency the more the Data Transfer Rate..  But There is a Issue.. If the channel Frequency Increased then the Range of the Challen or Friquency cant cover larger area.. In Android OS There is a Default Function that  the mobile only connects to lower friquency because Low Frequency can travel More distance , But that will decrease the Internet speed..
So Basically we have to lock on a Frequency where we will get more Speed..
Below are the Bands that Asus Zenfone 2 Supports..

B1:   2100 ,
B3:   1800
B38: TDD 2600  
B40: TDD 2300
B41: TDD 2500

Those are with letter "B" are the band name and the Number you can see the frequency,,, I strongly recommend you to connect to B40 for Higher speed ( I personally experienced the speed upto 10 MBPS..

Now How to do it... ??

#NOTE: Your phone must be a Qualcom Chip set phone and also LTE must be Supported..

  1. Download This "Network Signal Guru APP" and install it on you phone..
  2. Your phone must be rooted
  3. then open the app and allow root access
  4. now click on 3 Dots on Right top side and then press on Band Locking..
  5. Now Tick the band you would like to use. for example we will use Band 40 for better speed and band 38 for better network covrage..
  6. Tick on band 40 and wait for a minute...
  7. Signals wll come and now you will see you have significance Speed Increased in this band locking method.. 
#NOTE: Its not the tutorial for extending JIO 1GB limit. Its just a tutorial to always connect to a fastest band so upto 1 GB the Internet speed will be more then 10 MBps.. This is the targer....

I hope guys you all have learned something from this post. I will be back with more Good Posts.. Stay tuned and if you have any thing to say then comment below i will try to answer your quries or you can have live chat with me...


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