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[VIDEO] Install Drivers & Flashing VoLTE modem file

Hello friends.... From the date the VoLTE patch has been released, I am getting like 100 mails everyday on the problem users facing while they were flashing the modem file.. And a lot of my followers asking me to make a video tutorial on all the topic from " Installing drivers to flashing Modem File in Zenfone 2 laser ZE550KL.. So i decided to make a video and here we go....

This Video have  2 parts.. Part 1 Indicate that how to install the drivers correctly for all Asus Devices. And the second part will be go through flashing GUIDE of VOLTE image for Zenfone 2 LASER ZE550KL..

If you are facing any ISSUE below then you must watch this video..
1. After entering the command , It says <wetting for devices > (SOLVED)
2. If you are facing issue to open command window (Watch this video to know)
3. Driver Related Confusion..

NOTE: Flash the VOLTE image if you are having trouble to flash VOLTE file in your Asus Zenfone 2 LASER ZE550KL


1. ADB drivers ( Click Here to Download)
2. Asus Usb Drivers (Click Here to Download) 
3. VoLTE image file for Asus Zenfone 2 LASER ZE550KL(Click Here to Download)

4. If you are having trouble to watch this video online, then click here to Download this video.. Its is 7ZIP format.. I compressed the video in around 32MB , After extraction the video will be like 100MB

If you have trouble to watch the video online then you can also download the video by clicking on 
this link
This is my first Video tutorial with my OWN voice.. I  was scared little bit but i did it.. Sory about the voice.. Voice quality is low because i dont have a dedicated mic, I recorded it with my laptops inbuilt MIC..


I hope you guys can the idea from This post.. If you still have problem then Send EMAIL to me

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  1. Share the Volte patch for zc550kl, for both sd410 and sd615

  2. Is there volte patch for ZD551kl?

  3. pls add image file of volte for asus zenfone max

  4. i cant download this diver sotwae