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ZenUI 4.0 With all Apps for All Asus Zenfone Series

After Releasing the New Asus Zenfone 4 in 2017, Asus Started pushing its Official apps to zenfone 4 devices which support Android N. Zenfone 3, Zenfone 2 Users cant download them from play store because Asus made this only available for zenfone 4.

Thanks god we have People around us who always help us on developing and freedom.. here our member of XDA have provided us The complete package of Asus ZenUI 4.0 with all the updated apps from play-store of date 26 / aug / 2017. You can download and install them if you want to feel ZenUI 4.0. I am providing details and download link for the files..

Whats New ?

Well there are a lot of customization over the UI for most of the apps.. I just dont want to say anything.. Just install them and try it out..

Note : These apps are made to be work on Android N, There might be some issue or bug in some of the devices.. 

Apps List: 

  1. Asus ZenUI v4.0.0.1
  2. Asus Calculator 
  3. Asus Contacts
  4. Asus Desk Clock
  5. Asus Gallery
  6. Asus Theme App
  7. Asus File Manager
  8. Weather Time    **All Widget is in colour white
  9. Selfie Master     **  A Brand New app for taking Selfie shamelessly
  10. Asus InCall UI  **Android Nougat only
  11. Asus Sound Recorder **Android Nougat only
  12. Asus ZenUI launcher V4.0.23 ** Android Nougat only
  13. Asus Mobile Manager **Android Nougat only

These are all the aaps that are now available exclusively on play store for Asus Zenfone 4. Still zenfone 2 and Zenfone 3 users can install them..
I have uploaded all the files in Google Drive and provided the download link below. Download them and then unzip them and then you will get all the APKs mentioned above in the list.
Install them like you install any other apps.

Some of them are marked with RED colour which says Android Nougat Only so you have to install Android N in order to install them.

How to get Android N ?

You can Search for Lineage OS 14.1 and install, After that you can use the apps which are marked as Android N only..

Download Link: 

Whats going to be the Next Post ?

The Next post is on How to Install Android OREO (8.0) in Various Asus Zenfone Devices.. Stay tuned guys..


These are just apps which you have to install just the way you install any other app.. There is no chance that your device will brick after this so dont be panic .. Stay tuned for more update guy..
If you face any problem then please dont forget to comment below, I will do my best to reply you back..


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  1. funny photo..........i like it

  2. But bro how to use asus call in ui does it support on lineage os 14

    1. Its a APK for Android N, If your fone is Android N then it will support.. As you said that you are using custom rom, I didn't tried it with Custom rom.

  3. Hi my zc520tl with Android N says that packet is probably damaged when i try to install this :/ is there any chance to get this working?