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[ROOT] Asus Zenfone 3 Android 7.0 Nougat Root Method Explained

Today I am Going to share one more Awesome post About our Brand New Zenfone 3..
As Zenfone 3 Received the Latest Android N, Some Users want to Root there Zenfone 3 so they can Root there device and Enjoy the complete power of the device..
This Tutorial Will be going Little bit Long  so keep calm..

[DOWNLOAD] All in one Zip (Unlock App + Driver + ADB+Fastboot + TWRP +

We have to Complete 2 Major Things to Root this device.. If you have already done any of this then skip that step..

1. First we have to Unlock Boot Loader

2. Then We have to Install TWRP and Root.

I am gonna make this Into 2 Parts.. If you already have Unlocked Boot Loader then skip the part 1
Lets get start..

PART 1 ( Unlock BootLoader) 

  1. Download The ZIP file I mentioned above and extract it On desktop
  2. Boot Your Zenfone 3 Into Boot Loader ( Turn off the phone then Press and Hold the volume UP and Power Buttons for 3 seconds ). You will be now enter to fastboot mode.
  3. Now Go Open the folder yo have downloaded in step 1 and extracted on desktop, You will see a file "0.Unlock_{Device name}.bat"

    NOTE : If you have the Model ZE520KL then open the " 0.Unlock_ZE520KL.bat "
                 If you have the Model ZE552KL then open the " 0.Unlock_ZE552KL.bat  "  
If the Bat file wont work then you can try to execute the following command

1. for ZE520KL Execute the following command
            * fastboot flash all unlock_ze520kl.raw

2. for ZE552KL Execute the following command
            * fastboot flash all unlock_ze552kl.raw 

Then type the following commands
              * fastboot reboot-bootloader
After the phone gets rebooted automatically to bootloader, Type the following command
               * fastboot oem unlock-go

Then your device will be successfully bootloader unlocked and in this method you will be able to receive OTA updates from Asus, So there is no problem

Now we can move to second Major Step

PART 2 ( Install TWRP recovery and Root) 

In this part we will Install TWRP and Root the device.. Only proccide to this step if you have successfully completed the Part 1.

  1. Now download The TWRP image and "dot.supersu" file from the Link Below!kl8lmKRL!ZbLvz1b4YgLMr_n09vRrT
  2. Download The TWRP images as per your device..
    IE : if you have ZE552KL- Z012D then download ( twrp- + dot.supersu )

    if you have ZE520KL- Z017D then download ( twrp- + dot.supersu )
Now We are all set, We just need to root the device...
Follow the steps below to root the device..

  1. Boot you Zenfone 3 Into bootloader mode ( Turn off the phone and then press and hold volume up button + power button for 3 seconds )
  2. then you will be able to see the Bootloader mode
  3. Install ADB drivers and Tools from the Link below

  4. Now connect your Zenfone 3 into your Pc / Laptop and use the following command to flash TWRP image

    Command is : fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.0.2-xxx.img
  5. Hold the volume down button, and use the following command to boot into recovery mode ( if menu appears, Please select Recovery mode )

    command : fastboot reboot
  6. Now you phone will boot into TWRP recovery mode
  7. After booting to TWRP recovery mode, select " keep system read only " in TWRP Recovery menu
  8. Use the Following command to push .supersu file into /data
    command : ADB push dot.supersu /data/.supersu
  9. Select " ADB Sideload " in TWRP menu, Then use the following command to push the root files.
    command : adb sideload

    Download the SuperSu file from the Link Below:
  10. Reboot and enjoye your Rooted Device..
I Know this Tutorial is a bit Long and Complected.. I might have Post a Video while doing this but i dint have zenfone 3, Sorry for this..

Source :

if you Have any difficulties then please leave a comment and i will try to resolve the issues... 

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  1. Is this guide for zenfones that allready have android 7 installed or is it for android 6

    1. Android 7. Guide Easy

    2. This is for the fone where android 7.0 is already install and the user wants to root.

  2. Its not working is this for android 6 or 7

    1. This is for adnoird 7.0 Which is also knows as Android N

    2. hey bro may i ask this method can use to asus zenfone 3 max 5.2 or ze520tl?

  3. i unlocked the bootloader with the app but now the pc does not detect my device this is stated in on all methodes or no device detected

    1. Then you must prefer to change data cable or check for drivers abd make sure that your fone is working properly.. There is no way that unlocking bootloader will cause mobile undectable..

  4. i think this is for android 6 not for 7.

  5. Thanks, but your tutorial is very complicated and has many errors. I created an easier one, I hope you like it.

    1. Dear Pedro, I'm RaydeRieux, I'm really interrested by your vidéo but I'm not able to understand Portugues (I think is portugues language?) Do you have an english version?
      I'm owner of ZE552kL Z3 model under android 7.0 and I would like to unlock the bootloader but not with the official apk from Asus. And I tried the tuto here on this site but it doesn't work and I think because android 7.0. Thanks to help me

    2. See my youtube channel

    3. as i am a student.. i try to keep my blog as simple as possible and please donot spam here.. if you have anything to say then contact me on fb.. else i will block you dear..

  6. Well i send MySQL iPhone back Top amazon ans States hat Theo send mehr hohe wenig Android Version bis i habe an Android 6 zenfon 3 ans bis in alle go root

  7. Lol i just got my asus zenfon 3 with andrid 6 after sending it back to amazon and stating that the android version installed was wrong

    1. hahahha .. That was funny man... i wanted to know the entire story..
      :D @CMDR

  8. Lol they know you screwed it up

  9. big thanks!!!!

  10. I have some issus when unlocking bootloader. I have a permission denied error when writing config. Do you know what is happening? Thanks for your tuto!

    1. If i can get some more info about it then only i could possible say whats going on with your device.

  11. it is working in my ze520kl. but after i root my device network signal is now not working anymore. please help

    1. Thats because you made some mistake... Letme explain... I was also in this problem before with my another device.. Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL 2GB.. I flashed a ROM and trying to explore the android.. After booting finished up, I noticed that the BLuetooth,WIfi,Netowrk, are not working.. Soo i simply flash my baseband image and by this i fixed my device... These are common problem.. just flash the baseband file .. choose wisely .. if you flash worng file then nothing willl be hapen.. Soory for bad english..

    2. when sarting your device after root u have to let google track your loaction / wifi i had the same problem

    3. How can i fix this problem? please help me

  12. In my zenfone 3 ze552kl version WW_V14.2020.1708.56 (Android N), it does not work, it does not unlock the Boot-loader and nothing can be done.

    I ask myself: Why not do [ROM] Pre-root system.img as it does for zenfone 2 ze551ml?

    I also miss the files needed to work from the xFSTK in case of suffering a bricked.

    Always grateful for the development work you do. Thank you.

    1. I am sorry for the problem that you have faced my friend..
      There are a huge community who is working on the specific kind of mobile ...
      I am a Engineering student and i cannot afford to buy all the asus mobiles, so i depend upon my friend whho were having diffrent asus fones.. So i cant promiss exactly that i can make a rooted rom or rooted stock system.img file for you but i will try my best to get my friend fone..
      Right now i am having a Asus Zenfone 2 Laser Ze550kl and a Asus Zenfone 4.. Old model Asus Zenfone 4 400cg..
      Thanks... I appriciate your time..

  13. bootloader unlock zenfone 3 ze552kl nougat WW_14.2020.1708.56, it's possible?

  14. Well ... now it's the version WW-14.2020.1709.68

    Thank you, always thank you.

  15. Hope your issue is solved..
    And your welcome!!!

  16. is it working on version ww 14.2020.1709.68? i just need to be sure. thank you

  17. will it work on the latest version ww 14.2020.1709.68 nougat? can i unlock bootloader with OTA updates? installed twrp and root successfully with this method? i am not well experienced in rooting, i just need to be sure it will work and won't cause bootloop on my phone.. thank you and waiting for ur reply :)

  18. It doesn't work on WW_phone-14.2020.1709.68-20171003

  19. This method is possible for asus zenphone 3max x008da 5.2inch nougat??

  20. help, please. After loading appears {error:closed}

  21. can this step apply to zenfone max plus m1 zb570tl? i want to root my phone

  22. ...
    FAILED (remote: unknown command)
    finished. total time: 0.005s
    i get this error what should i do