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Zenfone Pixel Master Camera Tips : Manual Mode

Hey friends... I am back with a new tutorial and this is gonna be fun!!!...

Zenfone second generation and 3 rd generation devices are capable of awesome camera and you can really click photos like DSLR if you know the correct tips and tricks...

Before we begin we have to update ur Pixel Master camera app to latest version.. Then only you will see a M icon near by Camera Click Button..

To enter manual mode press on the M icon..

If you love photography and wish to grasp every inch of wisdom required to shoot a good picture? Here's a little catching up to do! We bring to you a series of Photography tutorials on ZenTalk! Starting with the Manual Mode, you won't regret taking down notes 

Before you begin, here's a little tip:

If you haven't updated the PixelMaster App yet, here's what you're missing out on: 

The Manual Mode icon 'M' could be seen resting right next to the camera shutter icon! You can now access the Manual Mode real quick!


Clicking on the 'M' Manual Mode icon, you should be able to view the highlighted portion which entails the following: Reset, Autofocus, Shutter Speed, ISO, EV and White Balance!


The article details each element (Autofocus, Shutter Speed, ISO, EV & White Balance) of the Manual Mode! To make it clear, the article is well demonstrated through images! 

Note: The Manual Mode does not end with the above listed functions but continues! Read through the below listed points to understand the same!

Click on the highlighted portion!


Having clicked on the same, you should be able to view the following camera manual optimization options!
This article covers the following Manual optimization options: Saturation, Contrast, Sharpness, Noise Reduction, Detail Enhancement & Backlight! 

Now that you've grasped in the the basics of the Manual mode, I'd like to introduce you to another two crucial elements under the Manual Mode. These include:

1. Guideline
2. Histogram

1. Guideline

Screenshot_2016-01-13-15-59-33 - Copy.jpg 
Guidelines, is a rather interesting concept! If you wish for a good frame, the Guideline option should be your best help! Let's find out how!

Screenshot_2016-01-13-17-52-28.jpg The highlighted points of intersection is what should be used to place your subject or object! You could place your subject at either of the points of intersections!

To understand this better, here's a small demo:

P_20150105_2342211.jpg If you look closely, I've use the point of intersection to position my subject (Minion toy)! This should help with good compositions

2. Histogram

Have you come across this and never been sure what to do with it? An important element, here's what is stands for:

Having switched on the Histogram option, you'll see a small little histogram figure on your screen when clicking a picture. 

PicMonkey Collage1.jpg 

Histograms sweking to the left would mean that your photo is underexposed!
PicMonkey Collage2.jpg 
Whereas histograms skewing to the right would mean that your photo is overexposed

PicMonkey Collage3.jpg 
Balanced Histogram would look like this!

I hope this tutorial will help you for further photography.. I will post More on Camera Optimization.. Keep connected and keep coming to my blog.. Post ur comments about this topic.

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