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ASUS | Android M Second Release.

Android M is a big Target for Asus to be completed by Q2 of 2016. Some of the device also got update but the ammount of bugs is infinite.
After looking for few weeks Asus have pulldown the update on OTA as well as in the website too.
ZenTalk forms filled of complain reports, So moderaors have only one thing to say that" There is some server issue so update is not avilable for now and there is no fixed time for the update procedure to start". We will know that the problem is in Android M not in server :D

So after a week of this cenario a new update notification apear on some Laser devices. And now i can see that the Moderator have been posted the details about new update on ZenTalk

About the ZE551ML / ZE5500ML asus is not saying anything. Its becuase this device is on the top list of BUGS. So Zenfone 2 users have to wait till Asus consider somthing about it.

Even the version are same but the new update file which is recently uploaded to Asus website is diffrent. The size of the First update file is 1.56GB and the one which is uploaded at 1/7/2016 is 1.62GB so i am thinking that there is some modificatin have done by Asus so those peoples who have already upgraded they can Dowgrade from THIS tutorial and download the new file and update again.. There might be some bug fix but as per reports the Battery drainage is still a problem.

Download LINK: ZE550KL Other Models Download Link will be Available SOON.

Version WW-21.40.1220.1708(andriod M)

File Size1.62 GBytesupdate 2016/07/01
Download fromDownload Now

This is all about the new update.I got some internet problem from past few weeks so I am unable to post some Interesting article but i will soon post them. I will keep you updating with latest news so keep visiting my Blog.
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  1. when i am downloding this files (new uploaded).it is shown 1.56 gb) why?

  2. bro,can you tell me ,how to downgrade this file in marshmallow ze5550kl model?

    1. Its because the files are modified by asus and fixed some bugs.. As i mentioned in my post.

  3. but is it possible ,that if i put zip file in sd card and apply update from sd card? but it is shown error,,now what can i do? please tell..