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Android M Update Revoked!!!

Android M update has been revoked for Zenfone 2 ZE551ML / ZE550ML after releasing It.

Asus has planned to Release Android M in the Q2 of  2016 for its various laser and zenfone 2 devices. Also, beta testers are recruited to test the OS stability.

From the starting of this month, Asus started releasing Android M update to its various device. All of the devices which runs on Qualcomm processors got the update IE: ZenFone Laser ZE500KL,ZE550KL, and Zenfone max.  
Still users commenting that they found some critical bug in this new update IE:BATTERY Drainage problem, Asus have a form to communicate with users and now the form is full of bug list. 

All through Asus has maintained his users using some techniques and moderators on the form. I am a blogger of Zenfone and a lot of visitors complain me about various bugs, So I make the thread form and so Moderators know about it in ZenTalk. I am also a Zenfone 2 Laser user and I am facing huge Battery drainage bug.

After all, Asus finally released Android M update to its Intel-based processor phones, Zenfone 2 ZE551Ml, ZE550ML. 
I suddenly saw on social media Screenshots of Android M Update. It was a delay for the Intel-based phone because when Asus come out with its device list which will get Android M there the Intel-based phone is on top so users are thinking that Zenfone 2 Intel based phone will get the update first. 
When it came to an end of Q2 Asus still didn't say anything about intel based phone but Qualcomm based phones got the update, some users really got anger. XD

After all, I ask Asus that why is so delay for Intel Atom based phones .. Asus replied that " Intel In not helping us with the latest driver required us to port Android M for the phone"

This might be the reason the device got the update later. Now a few days ago Asus has released Android M for Intel Atom based phone but that gone Wrong.
some users complained about HUGE BUG  so Asus have to forcefully shut down the update process.
After the update released I check in ZenTalk for the Release notes and also I checked in Download section but still I can't find anything. 
But Users are still posting about bug's in Zen talk and Moderators are helping them out. 
I managed to get the OTA Download link from a user so I linked that into my Zenfone 2 Android M blog post. After 1 day I found that the OS has been removed by Asus. It was like an experiment on the Zenfone 2 Users

I personally think intel also has some problem and Asus too. Beta testers have been taken still bugs. And Even the spelling of ANDROID in OTA update was also wrong.. :D 
What we can expect with this multinational company.

I will keep you update with the latest news.. Visit again do share my blog. 


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