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Android M BETA-Build released for BETA testers

Today Asus has released a BETA-Build version of Android M for Laser Devices.

Today Few user claim to got a firmware update for Zenfone 2 laser ZE500KL 5.0 Inch device.
About a month ago Asus started recruiting BETA testers for Zenfone 2(ZE551ML/ZE550ML) devices on ZenTalk and many users registered for this beta Version Firmware testing. Few Week ago Asus again started recruiting BETA tester for Zenfone 2 Laser device(ONLY ZE500KL). In this recruitment too Asus got lots of Beta testers across the India. 

Today few users posted a screenshot on GOOGLE PLSU BETA TESTING COMMUNITY of newly released Beta Firmware for Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE500KL. Android M beta is released for ZE500KL so early then zenfone 2. Personally, I think there are lots of bugs present in BETA OS for Zenfone 2. Even if you see the update log at ZenTalk you will notice that each update of lollipop for zenfone 2 fixes a lot of bugs each time. Well, it's a good news that finally we are at the edge to get a  Bugg Less firmware from Asus.  Asus trying harder  to release a STABLE OS for their users.

Android M release time frame was Q2 of this Year(2016). It means within 3 month(april,may,june)any time we will get update of Android M in our devices.I think Zenfone 2 Laser ZE500KL will get the update first because it is passed all LAB experiments and finally it is released for FEW CHOOSEN people to use and Report if any BUG found on OS.

The Beta Buil Package name is MMB29P.WW_Phone-
The package Size is About 1GB(1,086.76 MB). 


Any idea or suggestion you have then comment below. 

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  1. where can we download the beta? I'm a beta tester n didnt get it anywhere on OTA or sites

    1. do you got any confirmation email ? If you selected as a beta tester then you will got something that will tell you that you have been selected. if you didn't got any of these message then you are not selected and you cant test Beta OS

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