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12 Steps to avail the Pickup and Return Service.

Free Pickup and Return service. If you want to return your mobile due to any issue then here is the 12 steps to get the job don. 


Step 1: 

You must first contact with  1800209365Asus Customer care on this toll-free number : 18002090365

Step 2:

The Call Center will ask you to provide the following details

- Name
- Contact Number
- Address with Pin code
- Unit Serial Number
- Problem

Step 3:

The call center will respond to your query and provide the solution to you accordingly.

Step 4: 

If the problem is not resolved then, the Call center will close the case... but if the problem still persists then check STEP 5 below


 If the problem is not resolved then, the Call center will offer following services to you
-  Carry-in service ( The call center will guide you to nearest Service center from your location).
- Pickup And Return Service(PUR)- You are eligible for this if your location more than 50KM away from any service center

Step 6: 

If you are eligible for pickup and return and in case that you opt for the pickup and return service then, the call center will create a case and information the case ID to you.

Step 7:

The Call center will then inform your about the Procedure of pickup and return

Step 8:

Asus will verify all the details and will arrange the pickup through the Forwarder.

Step 9:

The Forwarder will deliver an Empty Box to your premises.

Step 10:

Then you may pack the faulty material or device and inform the Forwarder.

Step 11: 

The forwarder will pick up from given your location and deliver to RMA

Step 12: 

Once the repairing done by RMA, The forwarder will pick up the Material/Device and deliver it to you(Free Of Cost)

This tutorial is based on "Free Pickup and Return Service". I hope you guys understand it properly, if you have any doubts then comment Below.

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