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[VIDEO] ADB Sideload Asus Zenfone 2 Laser

ADB Sideload To Asus ZenFone 2 Laser ZE550KL.

Hellow friends. Today we will do ADB Sideload to Asus ZenFone 2 Laser Ze500KL. This tutorial will be quite complicated and tricky so don't ignore any points otherwise you will be in trouble.
I have also made A Video Tutorial to do so, You can find that video in the bottom part of this post.

There are various step that we need to follow before proceeding to Sideload. The Steps we need to do before installation is written below. 

1. OS specification. 
2. Installing Proper ADB and Fastboot Drivers.
3. Preparing mobile 

So let's start with these Points. 

 OS specification:

Operating System requirements are the most important. We need a correect operating system to install drivers and Do ADB sideload. 
You can use From Windows XP to Windows 8.1. You can't use windows 10 because this OS is totally new and no drivers have released yet from Asus to Install on it. 

 Installing Proper ADB and Fastboot Drivers:

Well, we need ADB and Fastboot driver. I have something special for you guys. I have the setup From XDA Developer that will automatically install the Requirement drivers on your system. 

More Information and download link for ADB and Fastboot set up is in the link = Click Here 

Now we need Driver for Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL. To download click on the link below 

                                               +Click Here to Download+

Now for Installation of the driver follow the steps below.

1. Extract the Downloaded file in desktop
2. Go to extracted folder and  (Windows_XP_VISTA_7_8_8.1 -> Android)
3. Right, click on the file (android_winusb.inf) and press on install.

Yes, now you have installed the USB drivers for ZenFone Laser.

We also have created Video Just Choose HD or SD ( High Quality ot Standard Quality )

1. Click Here for HD Video Tutorial (100MB)
2. Click Here for SD Video Tutorial  (17MB)

Preparing mobile:

Now we need to set mobile. Follow the steps below.

1. Switch off Mobile
2. Press And hold Power Button + Vol Down button Same time and leave the button as soon as you see Asus logo in display of the phone. 

Now You are on recovery mode. Use Volume buttons to move up and down and power button for select.

Now press volume down button and select " Apply Update from ADB"

Now we have done all the setup. It's time to Sideload.

Sideload Procedure:

You must have the firmware of your phone to sideload. Currently, i am downgrading my phone from Version  1.16.40.xx TO 1.15.40.xx

Click Here to visit Asus Official website to download Firmware. ( Choose OS= Android -> Firmware)

After Downloading the proper firmware place it on the desktop, we need to flash the phone. 

Please, Double check all the steps I have described Above to ignore problems. 

Now connect the phone to computer.

Hold Shift and Right click on any blank area on desktop then choose "" Open Command window here"

 Then a command window will pop up. Now we need to check whether our phone properly connected to PC and ready to flash or not. 

so type the following command in the command window. = "adb devices". After that, you can your phone serial number connected to it. If you can see the serial number then yo are ready to go.

Now type this command = adb sideload (EG: adb sideload 

NOTE: The firmware file you have downloaded must be placed on the desktop.

Then you will see a loading file .. Wait for few minutes and then it will start serving.

Wait guys its take some time. After 50% complete in Command window just look at your phone and you will see come changes like this.

Now wait for some time  and then your phone will say that " Installation from ADB sideload completed"

Now choose reboot the device and your phone will get rebooted. 
After this when your phone get on you will see a screen like this 

Wait for it to complete. Then your phone is ready to use... Happy 

If you want to see  video on the steps I did then the video is below and the download link to the video is top of the post

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It's a complicated process so first read properly and then proceed to next step.

This tutorial is based on "ADB sideload with Asus Zenfone 2 laser". I hope you guys did it successfully, if you have any doubts then comment Below.

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  1. i Want to know that..!! This Procedure will Format my Device..??

    Bcz I Want to downgrade to v. 16.x.x. from v.17.x.x. in my asus zenfone 2 laser(ZE550KL)..!! i just wnt to know that it will delete my user data or it will remain same .!!

    1. Hi Vijay,

      Yes this procedure will totally format your device.

  2. m Done All Steps Above...!! But While Flashing.. Using This command => adb sideload i Got error.. Can't read as per ur video Tutorial i restarted My Laptop.. But Still problem Occurs What To Do.. help me Out..!!

    1. same with vijay patel, still appear 'cant read .... .zip'

      admin, please help us

    2. Try to download the package again.. After version 14.1234 The bootloader is locked and cant be done flashing using ADB. You have to visit service center for Flashing device.

    3. try to use sideload app for 64 bit

  3. Hi Sir, When I flash this, I get an error device sku :
    and nothing is being shown up as sku.. So I can't flash any image.. .Please help...

  4. hi vinaya this flashing method after rooted my device ?