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[VIDEO] Display Replacement Of ZenFone's!

Display replacemnet of Asus ZenFones.. 

**This Tutorial is the Part 2 of "Broken Zenfone Display FIX""
**Link to Part 1 is : <<++Click Here++>>

In the previous post of this topic we have discussed that what happen with me and how asus help me to get 20% Discount in my New display replacement. Also i have purchased a display FRAME only from Ebay and reddy to Fix that in phone..

Display Quality**

1. Not so Good,
2. Dont have GORIAL GLASS
3. Touch is no so Sentitiv.
4. Essential for Softuse.. 

Links to the Display buying page is in the Post 1 .. 

 The display comes in a GOOOD packaging and it was only the frame ... Dont worry its working perfect fror me ,. No dammadge to display and its Looks Good for normal use. The displlay is no so sensitive like a ORIGNAL one but its ok. Display dont have gorila Glass and i have droped the phone a lot but i cant see any dammadge to display.. This display was droped from more Hieght where my orignal Display broken.. 

If you want to repair and use your zenfone 4 then order that dislay and follow this tutorial to put the display on phone or take the phone and the display to a locak shop, they will fix that for you.. 


This tutorial is based on " {VIDEO} Zenfone 400cg Display FIX part 2". I hope you read this post carefully, if you have any questions then comment Below, I will feel happy to answer them.

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