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Zenfone 400CG BROKEN Display FIX part 1

Hello Friends here i have Something which is very Important for us. Its too much help full for the People who have Broken There Zenfone display and want a Easy way to get it FIX.

In this Post we will see where to buy display and how to install display.

This Post have 3 part  and this is the part 1: In this part i have shown that how i broke my display and what i faced at service center . Please read Thoroughly so you can understand it better. 

Lets start with my Story. "

i am vinaya hax and i purchased Asus Zenfone 4 few month before. I just broke my Zenfone 4 display after 6 month of purchasing the phone. Now i am very scared that what will happen when ill take the phone to service center ? How much money they will ask ? Did my parent Give me that money to replace a new display ? these are the Questions are coming into my mind.Then i suddenly moved to Service center which is nearly 320KM.

When i reached to Service center, I show them my Phone and i asked that how much it will cost to replace the display. They said it will cost you around 3,800. I was get shocked, that i purchased this phone worth RS 4,999 and the display is only taking 70% of the mobile cost. 
Then i suddenly come back to home.

In Home i wrote a email to Asus Customer support and the email was written below

"" Hello Sir. 

                   I am Vinaya and i have Mistakenly broken my zenfone 400CG display and now the service center is asking a lot money for it. Kindly solve my problem.""

After few days Replay from Asus Comes:

 "" Dear Valued customer,

  Thank you for contacting ASUS technical support.

     We would like to inform you that physical damaged / liquid spill unit is not considered 
under warranty and services could be provided on a chargeable basis.

     We would request you please share us few snap shot in on/off condition and service                      center details you visited so that we can check with the concern department for warranty approval along with discount on part.

Then as per they have asked me for my display screenshot i send them. Then they replayed me that , I have to pay for my display, If i am Agree with that then they will provide me 20% discount on my Display replacement 

Now i went to service center with that email and they fixed my phone worth 20% discount. :D

After 2 month my phone was suddenly dropped from my Pant pocket and display Broke again, this time i was totally Frustrated on my self. So from that time i haven't use any mobile phone for communication. I use my friends phone to communicate .

But now i have the solution to fix it with a minimum cost of  RS 1,669. It int that COOL ?

Today morning i was Surfing Web and i suddenly searched in google " Zemfone 400cg Display replacement"

Then i see suddenly that one sealer in EBAY selling Zenphone 4 original Display AT RS 1,699   
I was feeling excited at that time so i ordered one you can see the screenshots below

You can see my name Right there and all the details.

Now i searched for little bit more and i fond a another sealer who is sealing at RS 1,500 but that is not looking like original. So today i sheared this post with you Guys because who ever is having the display broken Zenfone 400CG phone is in there home , They can Buy this One and use it . 

Right now i will say DON'T BUY. First Let me Check that the Display is How WAS then i will post another video and Replacement procedure with it. 

Those who can try Still You can buy because it is an online website and No body know when this Product will get Stock-out. But i am strongly saying that , Please wait until my second review. I will make the second and third review as soon as the display gets delivered to my home 

The Delivery will be in 31 ST OCT so Stay tuned till 31 and then i will Test the display and its touch screen and also i will update the Detailed video on how to replace Screens and How its works after replacement.

Links to the sealer Product Page

This tutorial is based on " Zenfone 400cg Display FIX part 1". I hope you read this post carefully, if you have any questions then comment Below, I will feel happy to answer them.

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