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Asus Zenfone 5 WW_3.23.40.60

Yes! a new update of Zenfone 5 and 6. Its a New Update for lollipop Users. The Early Version Is terminated due to the lots of bugs , Unstable Version. But today Asus has released a Newer version of lollipop. The update details is below ::

1. SuperNote: change to link-downloading version
2. Asuswebstorage: change to link-downloading version
3. Remote Link: change to link-downloading version
4. Lockscreen: remove standalone wallpaper & weather info (only for 1GB RAM device)
5. Quick settings/Recent app layout change (only for 1GB RAM device)
6. Dialer/Contacts: reduce tab count from 5 to 3; remove group tab name/photo; remove foreground service (only for 1GB RAM device)
7. InCall screen: remove inCall animation & cover (only for 1GB RAM device)
8. Fix the problem of losing some files after changing the folder name in File Manager
9. Add KKBOX (link-downloading) (Taiwan only)
10. Add Dr. eye (link-downloading) (Taiwan only)
11. Add Zinio (link-downloading)
12. Add PubuBookBuffet (link-downloading) (Taiwan only)
13. Add eReadingNow (link-downloading) (Taiwan only)
14. Add ASUS Game Center (link-downloading) (Taiwan only)
  • Offer hot and highly qualified games picked by a team of gaming experts
  • Offer event privileges and goodies of virtual treasures
  • Support membership with ASUS, Facebook and Google+ accounts to log in
  • Offer VIP services: 24/7 online customer service
  • Support purchase history to overview for games downloaded from ASUS Game Center

If you Want to Download and install this update then follow the link below to download and install manually

Tutorial for manual install

Download Links:

Zenofone 6 Version= WW_3.23.40.60 
File Size700.64 MBytesupdate 2015/07/14
Download fromGlobal
Zenfone 5 Version  = WW_3.23.40.60

File Size700.64 MBytesupdate 2015/07/14
Download fromGlobal


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