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Top 8 Root Apps Best of 2015 - For rooted Phones.

Today ZenFone Help blog will Discuses about 8 Apps Which can Be the Best for your Android Phone After rooting it. Rooting android Phone Gives a Better Performance because You can do What ever you want with the Phone ex: Over Clocking , manage Installation space for apps etc etc. Rooting Phone will allow user to get FULL privileges on system so he can Flash a custom ROM Which is Locked by Mobile Companies.
These things are not possible on Unrooted Mobile Phones. And Unrooted Mobile Phone user cant enjoy There System .  So below Few Apps which help users to Get bets Performance On there Phone.

List Of Best Root Apps For Rooted Android Phone 

#1 Greenify

 Greenify app is best to save battery on adnorid phone. It will help you to use the proper function of your battery life. When you install lots of apps ,  your phone becomes slower . It will boost phone and speed up the phone. It will detect Highest Battery Draining apps and put them into Hibernate mode While they are not in use.  In this way it will manage you battery life. 

#2 ROM Manager

ROM manager is Also an AWESOME app which can help you a lot with managing ROM. You can recover your phone in latest ClockworkMod recovery. You can backup / restore manage Organised From your Phone. Its provide a UI which is EASY to Operate the app for New Users. You can Install the ROMs from SD card or OVER the AIR. There are A lots of more Features in Premium Version . 

#3 Titanium Backup Root

Titanium backup is an Powerful app which is helpful to backup Android device data.  Its Pro version have some latest and Use full tools EG : Backup , Freeze, Restore apps/data and other important links. You can create backup for protected apps and other files in SDcard. The Pro-version is AWESOME..  

#4 ROOT Explorer

Root Explorer is the ultimate file manager for rot users. Access the whole Android File system Including the exclusive Data Folder. It have some awesome features Like Multiple TAB , Google Drive , Box,DropBox, and Network (SMB) support, SQL, SQL-lite database Viewer, Text editor, Create and extract ZIP or tar/gzip files, Extract rar archives, Multi-Select, Apk Binary-XML viewer send files through Bluetooth, email etc. image thumbnails and more.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

#5 Tasker

Tasker Is a Paid app . This app totally automate your android phone. You can design your own overlays. There are many build in  plugins which support it. Many triggers which happens the things automatically.

#6 Wanam Xposed

Wanam Exposed is another app for rooted Androoid Users. With the help of the app you can customize your mobile Stock ROM> there are many other featured which you can experience while using this app. You cann disable camera shutter sound because in some mobiles we cannot off the camera shutter sound. You can save call logs view, Enable keyboard symbols and more you can check on google play-store .

#7 CPU Tuner

This is also an Cool app and it Given you A good GRAB on system Control of you phone. CPU tuner gives you control over the power consumption of your Android device. Its main function is to save battery life but you can also overclock android phone if your kernel support it . There are diffrent modes of battery saving and its Powerful app to you. 

I hope you like these different types of Powerful and useful android apps. I will try to Update With new apps and news .. Keep Connected with us . Share and Care. 

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