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Google Playstore Market change.

Hello Friends.

Today i have an interesting topic to discuses with you guys.  Have you ever noticed that some apps are not available in Your country but other country peoples are using those apps.

But you can change the play-store location to access there app store. For example Google Earth app is not available in India but its available in United States so we can download it by changing play store location to United States from India. So the Video below Will show you how to change PlayStore Without using any flashing, root, etc

Now its comes to know why we should use play-store to download applications ?
Answer :
If you are downloading paid apps or something from other websites, then Stop doing that because most of the websites put malicious content in that APK , after installing the apk you wont feel any problem but they may send your password, login id , Credit card detail to hackers  and they can use this info in wrong way. So its necessary to ignore downloading apps from other websites. play store is best for all

you need a VPN Clint. you just have to do this for first time only. after changing market you can access the marcket you have changed without VPN also.

 Download that VPN Clint . You can use any vpn Clint which gives you the list of server that you want to connect

Click on download button to download vpn click or you can download it from playstore


You can Watch video online or you may Download It.

Download Video: 

Watch Online :

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