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Latest : Lollipop Delay Is A Set Up by ASUS !!

Hello Readers ..  Another Delay from ASUS .

  people are excited  by leaking a Countdown timer About the Update .

I did Some research On that timer To know Its fake or Truth. I was looking For Any information
through i can identify about Its Existence
Then I was Looking in java javascript through which the timer is Running , U know what I found  ??

You can See the script is Copied From A website. You can See Copyrights Information of author  and the Website

.. You can See in the Image Below

Link Of the Webiste  :

IF you go to the URL You can See there was a Tutorial to create A timer based website .

Now one Question Came to Mind That

Q: IF it Was A Fake Website , I mean if It was A Prank By Any Internet user , and he want to throw DIRT to Asus Name  ?

ANS: No its Not fake Because When the Timer CountDown Stops then Zentalk (Administrator of TW forums) Made a post On delay of Lollipop.

You can See the Image
And here is the Link to that Fours

 May be Its Only For China And Taiwan .. Dont lose Hope , Can't say Anything . Stay Tuned For more News.

So we all Know The Truth , Now Don't get Happy By Any New fake Date Provided By ASUS.
Comment Below If you Have any Queries . ill try to Dig it Out


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