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IMEI backup !!

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Hello Guys . Here i have another Important Tutorial For You Guys . This tutorial is on how to backup IMEI of your Phone so You can able to Restore it whenever you need. You may need this While flashing any custom ROM, Flashing FIRMWARE etc if you lose it then it will be a big problem and you can't go to service center Because you may be rooted phone because You can't do anything Like that to loose your IMEI without Rooting .

Now You know why You need the backup of your IMEI, Now lets start it..

Note: This Method Is only works for Zenfone 4 !!


1. Root Your Zenfone 4

Q : Don't know how to root ?
A:  Click On  HERE

2. Download Terminal Emulator From playstore .
Looks Like this

3. Open terminal Emulator And type


And press enter

4. Now type
dd if=dev/block/mmcblk0p3 of=sdcard/mmcblk0p3.img

5.Now press enter and wait till some long text appear.
6. Open file manager and go to internal storage and check if there if a file with the name
mmcblk0p3.img (Its size is about 21 MB) .


Now keep that file in Any safe place where it wont get deleted.

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