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Desi WhatsApp

Today im I am Going to talk about Whatsapp desi App. Its the orignal Version of Whatsapp But The Dilouges are Changes to Hindi Language. Its Very Funny to use and very Entertaining.

Have Fun with this App.


Procedure to Install:

  1. Uninstall Installed WhatApp
  2. Download the Latest Desi WhatsApp.
  3. Install Desi WhatsApp
  4. Enjoye..

Other Version Of Desi Whatsapp..

  1. Desi Whatsapp With Twitter Emoji
  2. Desi WhatsApp With One Emoji.
  3. Desi WhatsApp With Google Emoji.
  4. Desi WhatsApp With Stock Emoji.

Enjoy ..

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  1. is dz like watspp reborn..i mean,does it have privacy options,if not..chnces of banning.

    1. Its tottally safe and no additional functions. just like whatsapp. only Dilouges are changes