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BazzROM V4 For ZenFone 5

Today I am going to share "BazzROM V3.5" for Zenfone 5.


: A Custom ROM can Made your phone better but some time it will be in worse. Always remember that the better performance is always depend on user responsibility

Features ::

* update with clean version and update to ota version
* Supersu integrated inject with deamonsu for stability of root
* BusyBox integrated latest
* Update CoreTroller version 0.9 by BusterKill
* Remove UUcleaner
* Remove Greenify
* Fix Xposed problem from 3.5
* fix Transparent of framework revert for update
* Statusbar clock is now on center
* Revert Asusluncher with nova you can choose which launcher you prepare
* Change music play to walkman player
* notification and quick settings is now 25% transparent dark gray
* Revert back what's next application
* Update all Latest application from playstore
* Change boot animation

Download Links :

Must Read The Readme.txt file Before Installation!

How to Install ?::

1. Download BazzROMVersion4.rar here Zenfone 5 PinasLang BazzROM Version 3.5
2. Extract the rom make sure that usb driver is install and usb debug is enable at developer option
3. Note that the mobile device must turn ON let the installer do the proccess at all
4. Double click the bazzrom-installer.bat 
5. Wait until finish the process it make take 4 to 5 minutes
you wiil see black screen in first install its normal because we change the bootanimation
dont worry its just for firstime next boot back to normal
5. Newbie is not excuse if flashing failed this process is already tested before i upload this!

What to do After Installation::

* You need to update the su binary so that root is working perfectly
(Don't came here to tell that the su root is not working may you mis something import for stupid action thats why the root is lost) 
* Xposed installer must be install manually the framework
* Changing the icon in nova setting
* change the keyboard themes at language and input ->Google keyboard->appearance and look-> theme
* Enable firewall AFWALL check only the data application that you need to have an internet connection this make save a lot of battery
* Start enabling Greenify for hibernation
* ADS block enable at /system/etc/host 
* Where is messenger? look for Q icon label name QKSMS
* All function is working seen BUG? then report here

Video Of ROM


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